Our mission and goal is to make the internet better-looking!


During the 18 years of the existence of our company, we are proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate on major internet project across a wide range of business activities, from pharmaceutical firms, the car industry, large portals and government projects, to sport associations.

Premium is the main focus and service WDA Czech offers. Its core is creating websites of an outstanding level of visual and technical quality satisfying the demands of the world’s biggest projects and corporations.

Express is a new service that we particularly offer to starting or minor companies or for smaller projects. Its core is creating outstanding design at a notably reduced cost, thanks to our original approach and unique work procedures that enable us, provided the client’s requirements permit, to create a website within 5 days for CZK 24.990!

At W.D.A., we cater to our clients’ needs individually, whether you are the representative of a large portal or a small family business. We have the same quality for everybody. Thanks to rigorous planning and the individual approach, our clients always get what they have ordered, in time and of the required quality.

The key to our success is a team of top professionals who live for what they do and enjoy it. At W.D.A., we follow long-term strategic goals, selecting and building our team slowly and carefully, using strict selection criteria that filter out over 90% of job applicants. Thanks to our experienced staff, some of who have been with our company for more than 15 years, “ordinary” clients who get overlooked by other companies become “ours” – important and satisfied customers. These are the reasons why they keep turning to us with new challenges, thus giving us plenty of opportunity to learn and improve.

We thank all our current and future customers for that.

We are proud to have worked for:

Synot Tip
Roman Šebrle
Petr Čech
Poker Life
Dukla Praha

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18 Years Experience

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